Visual Recognition Powered by
Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Viscovery Visual Intelligence Technology

Object Recognition

Viscovery detects and recognizes a wide range of objects, including retail products, clothing, accessories, transportation, and even different kinds of bread.

Object recognition could be used in self-checkout system or
cashier assisted system for both packaged and non-packaged goods in retailing, in product visual search or recommend-similar- products service in e-commerce.


Face Verification & Recognition

Viscovery detects and tracks human faces in images and videos, even with interferences, including partial blocking or slight lighting changes, and recognizes the age, gender as well as emotion. Besides, Viscovery groups similar faces in a large number of visual collections and compares faces with a confidence score to build face index, verify face feature, and evaluate similarity.

Gender: Female
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Age: 32

People Tracking

Viscovery detects, recognizes and tracks people in videos.
People Tracking technology allows retailers, from single stores
to shopping malls, to garner the full shopper journey analytics
data just like the way online merchants do. The analytics data assists
retailers to plan personalized service effectively and be more
efficient in decision making.

Multi-Target Multi-Camera Tracking

More than single camera tracking, Viscovery’s advanced tracking technology detects, recognizes and tracks moving objects with multiple cameras, making it possible for retailers to gain access to full shopper journey with full shopper demographics. No guesswork anymore on who the shoppers are, when they come into a store or a mall, and what their shopping journey is.


Behavior Analysis

Viscovery detects and recognizes shoppers’ behavior in images and videos, even with interferences, including partial blocking or slight lighting changes. Behavior Analysis is a crucial technology used in Visual Analytics, offering comprehensive shoppers’ insights for retailers, such as a shopper entering a store, touching a product, interacting with clerks, purchasing, and leaving a store.

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#touching products
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