Smart Media

Understand Video Like the Way You Do
Video Discovery Service with Artificial Intelligence

Video Recognition & Auto-tagging
Structurize your video content with Viscovery video recognition solution to save manual efforts in tagging and deal with your visual assets in a smart way.
Visual Search
Searching across video big data in libraries to find a specific moment within videos with visual characteristics and multi-criteria.
Adaptable to Your Needs
Viscovery customizes the recognition model and search engine for media partners, to drive data quality that satisfies needs.

How it works

Upload media contents for analyzation via Viscovery API.
Viscovery processes your video in real-time with plentiful recognition models to form comprehensive visual metadata.
Get Results
Get a time-coded metadata output and discover your results in visual form.
Discover commercial value of visual assets by searching and summarizing across video big data.