Smart E-Commerce

Interact and Generate Sales with Shoppers by Visual Search
Smart Product Search Powered by AI

Feature Search
Powerful image search engine enables shoppers to search for products with matching visual characteristics.
Product Visual Search
Scan and recognize thousands of objects and enable search-by-image for identical or similar products instantly.
Automated Product Tagging
Automatically tag all elements that matter to product management, search, and recommendation.

How it works

Upload images of product and pictures taken by clients via Viscovery API for analyzation
Based on product appearance features, Viscovery recognizes products promptly and accurately.
Get Results
The system returns data for searching, management, categorization, and filtering.
Work smartly with Vision AI.
The self-learning system is optimized by users' behavior and search trends to deliver an up-to-date shopping experience.
Success Story

MOMO - Product Visual Search

Viscovery helps MOMO, Taiwan biggest e-commerce platform, to optimize product search engine, deliver a smart shopping experience, and increase sales conversion rates by integrating product recognition and visual search solutions to MOMO's service.