Smart Retail

Optimize Shopping Experience with Customer Insights
Smart Retail with Smart Vision AI

Bakery Self-Checkout
Viscovery’s Bakery Self-Checkout System is powered by Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Computer Vision technologies. The System can distinguish the fine grain details in breads’ natural appearance—between different bread types and breads of the same type.
Product Self-Checkout
Unlike the conventional self-checkout system which requires cashiers or consumers to scan a product’s barcode one by one, Viscovery’s AI-enabled self-checkout system allows consumers to simply place all products for purchase on a cashier counter to be recognized and tallied up. The self-checkout process becomes faster, simpler and more intuitive.
Retail Analytics
Analysis of customers' genders, ages, emotion, shopping behavior and even VIP shoppers' full shopping journey assists retailers to comprehensively understand their customers and further optimize the marketing strategy as well as enhance shopping experience and sales revenue.

How it works

Upload product images via Viscovery API for recognition and data establishment.
Based on product appearance features, Viscovery recognizes products promptly and accurately.
Get Results
The system returns data for searching, management, categorization, and filtering. Work smartly with Vision AI.
Optimizing in-store traffic flow, product arrangement and marketing strategy based on consumers’ shopping behavior and store traffic.