Pain Points for Retailers


Lack of comprehensive
customer insights
for operational decision-making


Lack of full shopper journey and
behavior data for personalized
service and marketing activities


Unable to completely
understand customer profile
and shopping behavior

Improve operational efficiency

  • Garner retail analytics such as people counting, VIP shoppers’ full shopping journey, etc
  • Optimize marketing strategy effectively
  • Shorten decision-making process with sufficient retail analytics

Enhance customers’ loyalty

  • Recognize VIP and provide customized service
  • Grasp VIP’s shopping habits and preferences
  • Make your service quality higher than expected

Understand your customers better than they do

  • Collect customers’ information such as age, gender and emotion
  • Garner shoppers’ behavior analysis
  • Offer tailored advertising for each customer

How it works

Simple Steps to Integrate

  • Site Investigation and Camera Setup

  • Video Recording

  • Video Analysis by Viscovery Computer Vision AI System

  • Retail Analytics Reports