Pain Points for Bakery Retailers


Poor shopping experience due to
long checkout waiting time


Considerable effort into training
cashiers to recognize breads


High checkout error rates

A Better Way to Check-out for Bakery

Existing Cashier Checkout

Up to

10 days

to train a cashier

Up to

60 secs

to check out for one transaction

Bakery Visual Checkout


1 day

to train a cashier


1 sec

to check out for one transaction

  • Reduce
    waiting time

  • Improve
    customer satisfaction

  • Increase

  • Reduce
    operational cost

  • Quick

Product features

  • Smart Bakery Recognition with Computer Vision AI
  • Precise bread recognition despite the variance in bread's natural appearance--between different bread types and breads of the same type
  • Easy to integrate with your existing POS System
  • Simple steps for adding new product SKU
  • Flexible recognition server deployment
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Lower operational cost

How it works

Simple Steps to Integrate

  • Upload Product Images & List

  • Product Learning by
    Viscovery AI

  • Integrate Viscovery Cloud API with Existing POS System

  • Ready to Go

Easy Process to Visual Checkout

  • Consumers Put Bread and Tray under the Camera

  • Product Recognition

  • Show Product List and Bills

  • Complete Payment and Pack Goods