Pain Points for Bakery Retailers


Poor shopping experience due to
long checkout waiting time


Considerable effort into training
cashiers to recognize breads


High checkout error rates

A Better Way to Check-out for Bakery

Existing Cashier Checkout


21 days

to train a cashier to recognize bread and
learn to operate POS system


60 secs

to manually recognize multiple breads (More time will be needed with more bread to be purchased)

Vision AI Checkout

Self-Checkout System

No Need

to train a cashier

Cashier Assisted System

Only 1 day

to train a cashier


1 sec

for Vision AI to recognize multiple breads

  • Reduce
    waiting time

  • Improve
    customer satisfaction

  • Increase

  • Reduce
    operational cost

  • Quick

Product features

  • Smart Bakery Recognition with Computer Vision AI
  • Precise bread recognition despite the variance in bread's natural appearance--between different bread types and breads of the same type
  • Easy to integrate with your existing POS System
  • Simple steps for adding new product SKU
  • Flexible recognition server deployment
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Lower operational cost

How it works

Simple Steps to Integrate

  • Upload Product Images & List

  • Product Learning by
    Viscovery AI

  • Integrate Viscovery Cloud API with Existing POS System

  • Ready to Go

Easy Process to Visual Checkout

  • Consumers Put Bread and Tray under the Camera

  • Product Recognition

  • Show Product List and Bills

  • Complete Payment and Pack Goods