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May 11, 2017

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence – Taiwanese Scholars Attend Top International AI Paper Sharing Meetup


Taipei, March 19th – Viscovery, the leader in  Taiwan’s video AI industry, successfully organized the second Viscovery Computer Vision & Machine Learning Paper Sharing Meetup on March 19th. This conference gathered numerous researchers from Taiwan’s deep learning field to share their newest research results to be announced at the CVPR and AAAI international seminar. Over 300 guests participated in Viscovery’s conference, including experts and scholars from related domains. Enthusiastic exchanges were conducted on site to celebrate the event.Viscovery and National Taipei University of Technology collaborated on this event. At the invitation of IEEE, the conference was co-held with Professor Jenq-Neng Hwang’s (University of Washington) course Machine Learning for Big Visual Data. Viscovery has consistently been active in academic cultivation, with the confidence that such activities can encourage and subsidize Taiwan’s professors, researchers, and postgraduate students in their thesis submissions, as well as motivate their participation in world-class computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning seminars. This participation will enable participants to share the world’s most advanced technology and applications with people in different fields in Taiwan, and give Taiwan a head start in the newest wave of AI revolution.

President of NTUT Li Wenlung stated that “Using machine learning for analyzing big video data is a recent topic that everyone is eagerly interested in. We are pleased that Viscovery and NTUT were able to co-host this machine learning course. Viscovery is a well-respected AIcompany in Taiwan, and specializes in applying video AI to business and commercial scenarios. For numerous years, Viscovery has successfully cooperated with the academic field. As Viscovery synched Taiwan technology with international technology, they have tangibly assisted Taiwan students in connecting with the international community. This course is an innovation in the big data era, and I believe it can foster more innovative sparks.” According to Cisco’s forecasts, videos will account for 80% of Internet volume by 2018. Furthermore, the Digital TV Research data predicts that by 2020, the global video  OTT service production value will reach US$ 51.1 billion. This is a growth of 96.5%. The CEO of Viscovery, Amos Huang, states “In recent years video OTT platforms have continued to develop and the global video data quantity and production values have also grown. Recently, Google released an API that can identify video content. This further strengthens Viscovery’s confidence that video AI is the solution to the issue that large quantities of video cannot be effectively utilized. Concurrently, Viscovery has continuously focused on video AI research and development, and we believe that this event will become a bridge for Taiwan in international industry and academic exchanges.”

Professor Jenq-Neng Hwang from the University of Washington remarked after the conference that “Video AI can effectively and swiftly assist humans to analyze videos and radically increase efficiency. I am honored for this opportunity to participate in Viscovery’s newest academic papersharing event, and to co-work with such an outstanding video AI research company like Viscovery. I anticipate that there will be more opportunities for interaction and cooperation in the future.” Viscovery has consistently valued industry-academic research exchanges and collaboration. This is the original intention and the drive for Viscovery to organize the Computer Vision & Machine Learning Paper Sharing Meetup. The amount of participants and interaction levels for this conference exceeded expectations, which demonstrated the value that Taiwan industries and academia place on video AI. Let us jointly look forward to Taiwan’s future video AI industry development. 

About Viscovery:
Established in 2013, Viscovery is the world's leading Video AI company based on Deep Learing and Computer Vision technology. With R&D center based in Taipei, we have branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore. Viscovery presents the revolutionary product “Video Discovery Service” (VDS). With its core FITAMOS solution, we can recognize 7 major categories in videos: Face, Image, Text , Audio, Motion, Object, and Scene. We are able to identify valuable information in videos, providing video service solutions for companies. Viscovery’s VDS platform provides 5 major solutions which includes KEY MOMENT (for contextual advertisements), video content interaction, video search engine, IoT solution, and customized service. Our effort has been recognized internationally over the years and have partnered with Intel and IBM. Finding valuable information in videos is now made easier. "Visual Search, Simply Smarter!"